There is in the Golden Triangle a collection of races
diverse in feature, language, and customs
such as cannot, perhaps, be paralleled in any other part of the world.”
-Sir James George Scott

Welcome to Cultural Crossroads Asia, a sweeping multi-cultural initiative in Northern Thailand that aspires to honor, validate, and support the spectrum of ethnic peoples who share this corner of the world, while inspiring national and international visitors who are drawn to exploring age-old wisdom and customs.

With a mission both to Preserve and Sustain ancestral practices, Cultural Crossroads Asia is founded on two pillars:  The Cultural Crossroads Asia Heritage Center, a valuable repository, dynamic showcase, and far-reaching social initiative in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the Living Legacy Project, satellite initiatives based on collaboration with ethnic communities in mountain villages of Northern Thailand.

Whenever our stars align, we look forward to your visit.

Cultural Crossroads Asia Profile

Our Story

Hilltribe people in Northern Thailand

Origin stories play an important role In
all ethnic cultures. It is a joy to recount
CCA’s roots, purpose, passion, and pledge.

Our Family

Reflecting our multi-cultural mission,
the CCA family brings together a union of
Leaders, Ethnic Partners, and Cultural Advocates.


Cultural Crossroads Asia Testimonials

The Songs of Memory Project is much more
than just a study of music.  It is a tour de force.”
– Asian Art Newspaper

CCA Heritage Center

The Center

Cultural Crossroads Asia - Heritage Center

Coming Soon!
Please return often to see our progress.
To propel our growth, we welcome your Donation.


Tribal Instruments from Northern Thailand

Through permanent and temporary exhibitions,
the CCA seeks to celebrate ethnic cultures,
while inspiring and informing visitors.


Display of Tribal artifacts and clothing from Northern Thailand

Come, take a closer look at the
Textiles, Musical Instruments, and Artifacts
that make up the CCA Collections.


Hilltribe exhibition, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The CCA Library, with its treasure trove of
Books, Photographs, Films, and Recordings,
awaits you.

Living Legacy Project

Oral Tradition Schools

Boys with flutes

In an effort to sustain intangible wisdom,
the Living Legacy Project collaborates with
ethnic communities to develop programs so
Master Artisans may teach their youth.

Resonance Press

Hilltribe person reading a book by Resonance Press

With a number of books and media to its name,
Resonance Press looks to champion
those steeped in ancestral traditions
to share their stories and knowledge.

Living Legends

Hilltribe living legends

CCA is pleased to recognize
Master Musicians, Storytellers, Artisans,
Shamans, and Wisdom-Keepers, who
maintain and pass on ancestral values.



Hilltribe presentations

Enjoy engaging programs that promise
to delight and excite the imaginations
of young and old.


Learning to weave hilltribe fabics

Master Artisans display age-old practices
and products from the Hands of the Hills
for visitors to the CCA Center in Chiang Mai.


Hilltribe presentations

Sow a Seed, Reap a Harvest.
Sharing ancestor wisdom, values,
and humanity is a worthy pursuit.


A concert by hilltribe musicians from Northern Trhailand

Traditions of the ethnic peoples
are carried orally through generations.
Revel in heritage borne in songs and stories.



Making videos of the ancestral peoples of Northern Thailand

The Cultural Crossroads Asia YouTube Channel
is home to a wealth of videos recounting
traditional arts and wisdom for all to savor.


Cultural Crossroads Asia newsletter

Updates of CCA’s activities and news
are sent regularly throughout the year.
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Cultural Crossroads Asia press

CCA is delighted to share with you
the media spotlight it receives:
Reviews, Articles, and Interviews.

Living Legacy Market


Tribal instrument

The LL Market offers a selection of
traditional crafts—fanciful, fun, functional—
made by skilled artisans.


Hilltribe hat from Northern Thailand

Women are guardians of all that is
woven, dyed, sewn, and adorned.
For dress or display, have a look!


Films of the ancestral people of Northern Thailand

For your Mind and Heart,
enjoy our collection of
Books, Recordings, Photos, and Films.


Hilltribe coffee being picked in Northern Thailand

For your Taste and Health,
savor Tea, Coffee, Honey, Spices,
cultivated in mountain jungles.

Call to Action


Cultural Crossroads Asia volunteer

“Many hands make work light.
Many ideas open the way.”
(Hmong Saying)
Volunteer, Intern, or Work – Welcome to CCA!


Hilltribe family - Northern Thailand

To Donors Past, Present, and Future,
CCA is beyond grateful to you who
resonate with our mission
and choose to help make it a reality.


2 hilltribe girls holding hands

“Just Connect.”
(E. M. Forster)
Whether in person or on-line,
we look forward to meeting you!